Cooperative Conservation Amreica
A Sample of Cooperative Conservation Case Studies
Project Name: Wind Road Farms
Location: Northeastern/Mid-Atlantic: New York
Summary: Adjacent to another protected property, this project protects historic agricultural lands, and a significant portion of an extensive wetland system.
Contact: Alane Ball Chinian
Executive Director
Saratoga PLAN
Project Name: Onslow Bight Conservation Forum
Location: Southeastern: North Carolina
Summary: Regional collaboration across 9 counties on the Atlantic coastal plain to conserve saltwater marshes, long leaf savannahs, estuaries, wetlands, and pocosins.
Contact: Fred Annand
Associate Director of Conservation
The Nature Conservancy, North Carolina Chapter
Project Name: Culebra Habitat Restoration Project
Location: Southeastern: Puerto Rico
Summary: The Culebra Mayor is working with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Partners Program on mangrove restoration and using Housing and Urban Develpment funds to restore downtown sea side areas.
Contact: Silmarie Padron
Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program Coordinator
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Midwest/Northern High Plains
Project Name: McKenzie Creek Watershed Project
Location: Midwest/Northern High Plains: Missouri
Summary: The project consists of voluntary acquisition of frequently flooded properties in the City of Piedmont and development of a habitat enhancing greenway.
Contact: Gaylon Watson
City of Piedmont
Project Name: Ohio Scioto River Basin Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program
Location: Midwest/Northern High Plains: Ohio
Summary: The Ohio Scioto River Basin CREP helps cost-share the creation of conservation buffers and wetlands on private farms to improve water quality.
Contact: Rob Hamilton
Resource Management Specialist, Division of Soil and Water Conservation
Ohio Department of Natural Resources
Project Name: Greater Yellowstone Mammal Migrations
Location: Midwest/Northern High Plains: Wyoming
Summary: The Nature Conservancy and partners are committed to protecting critical seasonal ranges for Yellowstone's migrating animals and preserving these historic overland movements.
Contact: Laura Hubbard
Greater Yellowstone Program Manager
The Nature Conservancy
(406) 556-7277
Project Name: Chouteau Island Implementation
Location: Midwest/Northern High Plains: Illinois
Summary: The Chouteau Island Implementation effort will convert a 5,500 acre island-complex, outside of St. Louis, Mo., into a passive recreational complex with extensive floodplain habitat restoration.
Contact: Dave Eustis
Chouteau Island Project Manager
Southwestern Illinois RC&D, Inc.
Project Name: International Lake Level Management: Minnesota-Ontario Lakes region
Location: Midwest/Northern High Plains: Minnesota
Summary: An international research program documents ecological changes associated with the new hydrologic regime in Namakan Reservoir, Voyageurs National Park.
Contact: Larry Kallemeyn
Research Scientist
U.S. Geological Survey
Project Name: Land Restoration/Revegetation Fort Hood
Location: South-Central/South-West: Texas
Summary: Dairy compost was used to revegetate degraded training maneuver areas that caused soil erosion and water quality issues.
Contact: Dr. C. Allan Jones
Texas Water Resources Institute
Project Name: Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve
Location: South-Central/South-West: Utah
Summary: The preserve protects and restores local wetlands that provide crucial habitat for millions of migrating and resident birds.
Contact: Chris Brown
Preserve Manager
Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve
(801) 531-0999
Far West
Project Name: Puget Sound Shared Strategy
Location: Far West: Washington
Summary: Using local conservation efforts already underway, the Shared Strategy is a ground-up approach to the development of a science-based, locally supported salmon recovery plan for Puget Sound.
Contact: Jim Kramer
Executive Director
Puget Sound Shared Strategy
Project Name: Kagman Watershed Project
Location: Far West: Pacific Islands
Summary: Joint effort by CNMI Dept. of Land & Natural Resources, Saipan & No. Islands SWCD and USDA NRCS to address flooding of agricultural land during rainy season & irrigation shortage during dry season.
Contact: Jeffrey Wheaton
State Conservation Engineer
USDA NRCS, Pacific Basin Area Office
(671) 472-7105
Project Name: Puget Sound Nearshore Partnership
Location: Far West: Washington
Summary: The Puget Nearshore Partnership is a collaborative research and restoration project to restore the health of the waters and fisheries of Puget Sound.
Contact: Tim Smith
Special Assistant to the Director
Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife
Project Name: Maidu Stewardship Project
Location: Far West: California
Summary: This project seeks to demonstrate traditional Mountain Maidu forest management techniques that restore whole ecosystems and to protect culturally significant sites.
Contact: Lorena Gorbet
Maidu Cultural and Development Group
(530) 284-1601
Project Name: Recovery of the White Sea Bass along the California Coast
Location: Far West: California
Summary: The purpose of the OREHP is to investigate the potential for proactively counteracting the depletion of California's coastal marine fisheries through stock enhancement.
Contact: Bill Shedd
Project Name: Salmon Creek Watershed Reforestation Project
Location: Far West: California
Summary: Bodega Land Trust and Forests Unlimited planted 600 redwood seedling on a BLT easement that was clearcut around 1900.
Contact: Sandy Sharp
Bodega Land Rtust
Project Name: Upper Joseph Watershed
Location: Far West: Oregon
Summary: Watershed restoration is bridging boundaries between public and private lands, bringing socioeconomic benefits to the community and improving conditions for multiple endangered species.
Contact: Diane Snyder
Executive Director
Wallowa Resources
Project Name: Wallowa Resources
Location: Far West: Oregon
Summary: The group aims to promote community, forest and watershed health while creating family-wage jobs and business opportunities from natural resource stewardship.
Contact: Diane Snyder
Executive Director
Wallowa Resources
(541) 426-8053
Project Name: Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council
Location: Far West: Alaska
Summary: Indigenous grassroots organization of more than 60 tribes provides critical technical assistance to local tribes to help them protect and preserve the Yukon River watershed.
Contact: Rob Rosenfeld
Program Director
Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council
Project Name: FireWise Communities
Location: National
Summary: FireWise Communities is a national initiative helping communities and their residents design, build, and maintain fire resistant properties.
Contact: Jim Smalley

National Fire Protection Association