Cooperatove Conservation Project

Wildlife Habitat Registry

Collaborative Interactive Map and Database of Wildlife Habitat Projects

Location: National

Project Summary: To provide a web mapping tool to facilitate collaboration among wildlife biologist in federal, state, and tribal agencies and among NGO's involved in wildlife habitat projects.
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A map show the location of current habitat projects across the country that are entered in the Wildlife Habitat Registry. Geodata Services, Inc
Resource Challenge

There are a variety of private and non governmental, state, local, and federal agencies performing thousands of wild habitat projects around the country each year. Many of these projects are partnerships between a federal agencies and a NGO that have little or no means for leveraging a broader awareness and participation. Some groups currently are working in their emphasis areas without the knowledge that other conservation work is also planned or taking place in the same or adjacent areas. 


The Wildlife Habitat Registry was the brainchild of the Get Wild Partners meetings hosted by the USFS. The Wildlife Habitat Registry provides a central clearing house or network for multiple potential partners to participate and leverage limited resources and budgets.  This tool helps identify areas of interest by the various groups and enables them to coordinate their collective efforts to benefit wildlife and their habitat.

Examples of Key Partners

United States Forest Services,

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Geodata Services, Quail Unlimited, Safari Club International, Wildlife Management Institute, Wildlife Management Institute, The Wildlife Society, American Rivers, American Bird Conservancy, Trout Unlimited, PARC, Partners for Fish and Wildlife, United States Fish and Wildlife Service, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Foundation for North American Wild Sheep, The Nature Conservancy, Natural Resource Conservation Service, Bureau of Land Management, Ruffed Grouse Society, National Wild Turkey Federation, Wildlife Habitat Council, Partners in Flight, Ducks Unlimited, and Pacific River Council.




Results and Accomplishments

With assistance from many different organizations we have had a successful year in building a foundation from which to work. We have: (as of Jan. 1, 2005)
Registered Users: 372
Habitat Projects: 5,060
Participating Organizations: 374 
Currently people can enter the site and can:
1. Search for projects within a geographic area
2. Search for partners, and identify field biologists within a geographic area
3. Enter projects into the database

This year the project will focus on outreach, education, and development of reports and tools that will be part of the site. The reports and tools will be developed with the assistance of founding partners with a focus on providing partners both external marketing and internal decision support materials.


An ArcIMS (Interactive Web based Map) site was used to create a visual, easy, and interactive way for users to locate a region of interest. The site can be accessed through any web browser. Behind this map is a large database of projects from across the country, which currently has over 5,000 projects.

Project Contact
Marcy Allen
NWR Development Team
Geodata Services
104 South Ave East
Missoula, MT 59801


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